How Can I Help You?

There's so much more to an idea than words on a page. Writing is only one way to express an idea and sometimes that isn't enough to fully convey meaning or gain understanding. Our depth of understanding increases dramatically when we have multiple avenues through which to communicate. When we can engage in dialog and create opportunities to put ideas into practice we can give our ideas much more structure and completeness.

I am available to help you in several areas:
  • Data Volley training: learn from one of the best coders in the country
  • Volleyball statistics training: learn basic stats for use at any level, add to your knowledge with advanced statistics, and collaboration in using stats to create better training solutions
  • Coach training presentations and workshops: cover a range of topics or dive deep into a select few in a structured environment to develop the skills of your coaches
  • Coach mentorship: work one-on-one to develop specific areas or address specific concerns with your individual coaching knowledge and style
Contact me here to discuss possibilities.

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