College Recruiting Seminars

I offer two college recruiting seminars to help all high school age volleyball student-athletes and their families prepare for the college recruiting experience. These seminars are available to clubs to schedule for their members.

What Is a PSA and How Do I Become the Best One I Can Be?
The first seminar covers the basics of recruiting for athletes, their families, and the schools that recruit them. If you want to understand the ins and outs of college recruiting but don't know where to start, this meeting is for you. Do you have questions about how to set your priorities for choosing colleges to contact? This seminar has the answers!

Is Anybody Listening? Communicating with Colleges
The second seminar covers everything about communicating with college coaches. From deciding who to contact and when to how to say yes and no to offers, this meeting will include everything you want to know about recruiting timelines, calling, emailing, and visiting college programs.

Please contact me with questions about college recruiting at

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